We are QC Catering

We don’t make food for events. We make food for people. It’s an important distinction. The careful crafting and presentation of every dish we serve is all for nothing without an audience to enjoy it. We keep this in front of us as we partner with you to create culinary experiences that dazzle.

All of our people are creative, high-energy, and love what they do. This kind of enthusiasm—the genuine kind—is found in the artistic flourishes on your plate and in the warm smiles on our faces.

Our personalized service goes beyond giving you the experience that you imagined to giving you one that you didn’t even know was possible. Striking presentation will draw you to the table. Food that is fresh, modern and delicious will keep you there. And a friendly, attentive staff will know how to make even the finest occasion somehow feel as comfortable as dinner at home.

We’re there for you, whether it’s black tie, bow tie, or no tie at all. Regardless, it will be an experience that you’ll savor, long after the dishes are packed and the tables are cleared.


(704) 305-7778

601 Calvert Street
Charlotte, NC 28208

M-F 8a-5p