With a fully disposable set up, we make catering 100% easy – from our cheerful logistics members who set it all up, to the quick and easy clean up. Whether you host one meeting per quarter, or ten per week, we're always here to provide delicious food - fast. Need a more upscale presentation? We offer Executive Style with upgraded display and serving pieces that are 100% reusable and eco-friendly. 


full service

From 10 guest private dinners, to 300 guest Galas, Our Full Service Catering has all of your needs covered. Our team of experts will walk through your event from fruition to execution ensuring that your vision and personal touch shines through. Our skilled servers, bartenders, and chefs guarantee flawless menus and impeccable service that guests will be talking about for days.

limited service

Love our Drop Off Menu, but need service onsite and enhanced presentation? Limited Service style is one level above our QCDirect display and includes real platters, chafing dishes, serving pieces, and [2] rectangular black banquet linens. Limited Service utilizes our QCDirect menu, but allows for Chef selected upgrades and staff on-site to ensure a seamless event, and leave you to mingle with your guests, not clean up after them.



We begin by working together to create a custom menu that’s perfect for you. From locally sourced produce to farm-raised, sustainable meats, the freshest ingredients are at the heart of our dishes and flavors. Once your personal menu is selected, our dedicated chefs go to work orchestrating every detail with your vision in mind. The result is a culinary experience which delights all of the senses; one which you and your guests will remember forever.



Are you a venue seeking a trusted partner to manage your venue and provide innovative catering to your guests? Are you an institution who is looking to streamline all food services? Are you an employer who is looking for a partner to provide variety and consistency for daily or weekly lunches? We focus on exclusive partnerships with anyone who wants consistent and customized catering for their clients & employees.